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5-Figure Salary Increase Challenge

 A 5-day challenge that will help you apply 5 key strategies that will help you highlight your value & increase your salary by $10,000 or more.


Career Brag Book

Keep track of all your goals, accomplishments & projects all in once place to leverage them for promotions & more money!


Career Advancement Membership

Career advancement learning community for mid-level corporate professionals who want to become more competitive and confident in their skills, and increase their salaries so they can thrive & advance in their careers. 


Why Didn't I Get The Job?

This Interview Guide & Workbook will teach you everything you need to become more confident in your interviews & get the job.


Career Accountability Planner

 A no-fluff planner & guided journal to clarify your career goals, make a plan to get there, and learn to love the journey.